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Research profile

Dianne van Hove is an Assistant Professor in the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Her field of research covers several coherent aspects of material related structural engineering: steel structures, composite structures, aluminum structures and structural engineering and design in general. The focus of her academic work is in the field of thin-walled cross-sections (optimization, application in curtain walls), connectors (screws, headed stud connectors, pinned connectors), shear connections in composite floors and composite beams in particular. A number of design rules in Eurocode 4 is based on her research on the strength of headed stud connectors in composite beams and the deflection of continuous composite beams.

Another focus implies applied research for the steel and aluminum industry, which is frequently based on a combination of experimental and numerical research. Dianne is also involved in the design and optimization of large span structures as well as the functional/structural design of medium-sized buildings.

Academic background

Dianne van Hove obtained her MSc in Architecture, Building and Planning in 1988. Her thesis focused on the interaction between logistical and structural engineering in a complex building application (part of a hospital). In 1988 she was appointed as a research assistant in numerical engineering at TU/e, directly followed by an appointment as a scientist in applied research on steel structures and composite steel-concrete structures at TNO Bouw (formerly TNO-IBBC).

In 2008 Dianne was appointed as an assistant professor in aluminum structures and in 2012 her appointment was extended to assistant professor in steel and aluminum structures.

Dianne van Hove is a member of the Scientific Committee of Inalco (International Aluminum Conference) and a member of the Dutch TC11 (Technical Committee on composite steel-concrete structures).


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