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Persoonlijk profiel


Bin Meng is a doctoral researcher in the unit Building Physics and Services at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. His research focuses on developing a comprehensive method to estimate total electricity production of BIPV in urban combining GIS datasets with high-resolution shading calculation and electrical modeling of PV module. The aim is to develop a fast, accurate and comprehensive simulation-based methodology to predict total BIPV energy yield in urban considering shading effect. Bin got his bachelor degree in Engineering Mechanics from Southeast University, China. After that, he changed his major to building science and technology and received master degree from School of Architecture, Southeast University in 2018.

Opleiding / Academische kwalificatie

Art and architecture, Master, Southeast University

1 sep 201528 jun 2018

Mechanical engineering, Bachelor, Southeast University

1 sep 201128 jun 2015