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"I have felt certain of many things that have not been so. There are many hidden truths in a galaxy such as ours."

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Academic background

Aysegul obtained BSc degree in Middle East Technical University, Turkey in the department of Biological Sciences. During her BSc studies, she visited the University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill, USA, where she investigated the effects of different concentrations of Mitochondrial Single-stranded DNA-binding Proteins on the activity of DNA polymerase by using TEM. She obtained her MSc studies in Bilkent University, Turkey in 2017 in the Department of Neuroscience with a thesis entitled in "Expression of key synaptic proteins in zebrafish brain following caloric restriction and its mimetic and their relation with age and gender". Aysegul, then, started her Ph.D. in 2017 at Maastricht University in MERLN institute. After two years of research, she continues her studies here at TU/e since October 2019. 


Research profile

In her Ph.D. research, Aysegul engineered decellularized tendon which has potential use in clinics for tendon tissue regeneration. Her research involved detailed characterization of the decellularized tendon she engineered. As a biologist by training, Aysegul also investigates cell shape-function relation in tendon fibroblasts by analyzing transcriptomics datasets and further bioinformatics tools.  

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