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If you do not know the fundamental background of a model, you better not use it.

Academic background

Akke Suiker obtained his MSc degree in Civil Engineering (Cum laude, 1995) and his PhD degree in Applied Mechanics (Cum Laude, 2002) at the Delft University of Technology. He had 1-year post-doc visits at the University of Massachusetts, U.S.A. and Cambridge University U.K. Since 2012 he is Full Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of the Built Environment, leading the group of Applied Mechanics. From 2001-2008 he held the position of Assistant Professor and from 2008-2011 of Associate Professor and acting chair of Computational Mechanics at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology. His research interests relate to micromechanical modeling of failure and deformation of materials and multi-scale and multi-physics modeling of solids. He has published over 60 international journal articles in the field of Theoretical and Applied Solid Mechanics and was elected as “Best Teacher of the Delft University of Technology, 2009-2010”.

Research profile

Professor Suiker leads the group of Applied Mechanics, where the research focuses on the modelling of failure and deformation behaviour of materials and structures relevant for the built environment. Interactions between mechanical processes and other physical processes (thermal, hygral, chemical, fluid flow, magnetic) are studied, and effects observed at various scales of observation, ranging from the micro- to the macro scale, are coherently included in the modelling strategy. For this purpose, the models must be thermodynamically consistent and their numerical discretization needs to be performed with robust and accurate schemes. When possible, the applicability of the results is facilitated via the construction of design graphs useful for engineering practice. This should lead to a thorough insight and understanding of practical problems, and to new and better technical solutions. Recent applications relate to 3D printing, historical paintings and furniture, wind energy turbines, sewer systems, structural safety under fire exposure, granular materials, among others.


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Als u wijzigingen in Pure hebt gemaakt, zullen deze hier binnenkort zichtbaar zijn.