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Inspired by enzymes we develop synthetic analogues with high selectivity and activity, that function in concert with natural biocatalysts. 

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Towards synthetic enzymes

Over de organisatie

At the Supramolecular Chemistry and Catalysis group, we work towards the integration of biological and chemical processes to generate non-natural conversions in complex media. We explore the exciting opportunities that arise from the integration of polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and stereochemistry with the novel field of bio-orthogonal chemistry, that studies chemical reactions to augment biochemical processes. Using this integrated approach, we focus on the design and synthesis of (supramolecular) copolymers that form nanometer-sized structures with the aim to achieve efficient and selective catalysis in water and in complex cellular media. Developing such complex molecular systems based on non-covalent, reversible interactions, and understanding the mechanisms underlying their formation, will provide a solid foundation to progress towards in vivo applications.

Our ultimate goal is to develop synthetic enzyme analogues that can perform bio-orthogonal catalysis in concert with their natural counterparts, and that display similar activity and selectivity. To achieve this, we design and synthesise amphiphilic systems - either using covalent polymers with pendant sticky groups that fold into compartmentalised structures in aqueous media, or using supramolecular copolymers with pendant functional groups.

Our research develops along two lines: Development of single-chain polymeric nanoparticles for catalysis in water and complex media, and Understanding supramolecular copolymerisations.


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