Socio-economic aspects of the deployment of fusion energy


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Fusion energy: Doable? Affordable? Desirable? 

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Fusion power, when it comes to the market in 2070 or so, will not be cheap; and the product it offers is sustainable electricity, which - if the world manages to meet the Paris transition goals - should by then be abundantly available

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We address the question if fusion energy, under the assumption that it is technically feasible, will be wanted when it is ready for deployment: what does it bring to the market that is not already available? And at what cost? Will it be economically competitive? What are the added values of fusion energy in an energy market that is already fully sustainable? How will the risk profile - large complex reactors, combining a high capital investment with large technological uncertainties and a long construction time - affect the deployment of fusion power? Who will buy the first generation of fusion power plants, which are not yet very good while very expensive? How will the long construction time affect the effectiveness of the innovation cycle? Will fusion energy cross the valley of death? 

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    Development of the collective Thomson scattering diagnostic on Wendelstein 7-X: theory and application

    Abramovic, I., 24 jun 2019, Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. 103 blz.

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    Forward modeling of collective Thomson scattering for Wendelstein 7-X plasmas: Electrostatic approximation

    The Wendelstein 7-X Team & Lopes Cardozo, N. J., 1 feb 2019, In : Review of Scientific Instruments. 90, 2, 12 blz., 023501.

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    A quasi-2D model to simulate thermodynamic and kinetics of hydrogen isotopes dissolution in Pb-Li and steel

    Auteur: Pomella Lobo, T., 2019

    Begeleider: Lopes Cardozo, N. J. (Afstudeerdocent 1)

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    Are droplet-impact and laser-ablation splashing commutable?

    Auteur: Hermens, J. C., mei 2020

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    A systematic study of uncertainties facing nuclear fusion

    Auteur: Marechal, S. (., 2019

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