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We explore the novel physics and applications emerging from the interaction of light with nanoscale matter.

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Mastering light at the nanoscale

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The emission and absorption of light is the physical basis of lasers, LEDs, solar cells and photodetectors, which have become crucial parts of our daily life. By controlling these processes at a subwavelength scale, we can significantly improve the performance of these photonic devices and develop completely new ones. The Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics group investigates the physics of (nano-)photonic structures and materials in five distinct but related research lines, mostly centered around semiconductors, for applications ranging from optical communications to sensing and energy conversion.

Some of the hot topics we are working on:

  • New states of light and matter. We study quantum light emitters coupled to nanophotonic structures. Light-matter coupling can lead to radically new ways of controlling intrinsic material properties. Controlling this coupling leads to fascinating new physics, such as quantum light states and unconventional transport properties. 
  • Exquisite sensing with light. Light provides rich spectral information about the material that interacted with it. A novel generation of sensors and instruments exploiting (nano-)photonic concepts may enable unprecedented resolution and accuracy in applications ranging from material analysis to food security and gas sensing.
  • Matter, atom by atom. New, optically active, semiconductor materials and devices often need precise control of matter down to the atomic scale. To understand the growth processes at this scale and to relate the functionality of the material to the atomic details, we visualize and analyze materials literally atom by atom. New physical effects that occur at this length scale can be highly surprising. 

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Nanowires Engineering en materiaalwetenschappen
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Onderzoeksoutput 1979 2020

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Anisotropic infrared light emission from quasi-1D layered TiS3

Khatibi, A., Godiksen, R., Basuvalingam, S., Pellegrino, D., Bol, A., Shokri, B. & Curto, A. G., jan 2020, In : 2D Materials. 7, 1, 8 blz., 015022.

Onderzoeksoutput: Bijdrage aan tijdschriftTijdschriftartikelAcademicpeer review

Open Access
Light emission
light emission
optoelectronic devices
linear polarization
Infrared radiation

Controlling and sensing light on a chip using nanophotonics

Liu, T., 25 mrt 2020, (Geaccepteerd/In druk) Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

Onderzoeksoutput: ScriptieDissertatie 1 (Onderzoek TU/e / Promotie TU/e)

Controlling spontaneous and stimulated emission in coupled optical cavities

Pellegrino, D., 11 feb 2020, Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. 165 blz.

Onderzoeksoutput: ScriptieDissertatie 1 (Onderzoek TU/e / Promotie TU/e)

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APL Photonics Future Luminary Award

Maurangelo Petruzzella (Ontvanger), 2019

Prijs: AndersWerk, activiteit of publicatie gerelateerde prijzen (lifetime, best paper, poster etc.)Wetenschappelijk

Best PhD thesis on Physics in the Netherlands of 2015

Jaime Gómez Rivas (Ontvanger), 21 jan 2016

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ERC Proof of Concept Grant : Edit Jaime Gómez Rivas

Jaime Gómez Rivas (Ontvanger), 1 sep 2015

Prijs: ERCProof of conceptWetenschappelijk

Activiteiten 2015 2018

  • 4 Consultancy
  • 1 Congres
  • 1 Redactioneel werk

Organizer of SCOM 2018

Jaime Gómez Rivas (Consultant)
16 apr 201818 apr 2018

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ERC quality assessment of funded research 2018 - Evaluation panel member

Jaime Gómez Rivas (Consultant)

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ERC consolidator grants 2017- Evaluation panel member

Jaime Gómez Rivas (Consultant)

Activiteit: Types adviesConsultancyWetenschappelijk


Hydrogen passivation of N:GaAs studied using cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy

Auteur: Tjeertes, D., 2019

Begeleider: Krammel, C. M. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & Koenraad, P. M. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master


Improving low-voltage integrated power devices: a simulation and experimental based study

Auteur: Toonen, J., 2019

Begeleider: Koenraad, P. M. (Afstudeerdocent 1), Mels, A. (Externe coach) & Huizing, H. (Externe persoon) (Externe coach)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master


Improving single-shot readout for diamond quantum processors

Auteur: Loenen, S., 2019

Begeleider: Fiore, A. (Afstudeerdocent 1), Taminiau, T. (Externe persoon) (Externe coach) & Abobeih, M. (Externe persoon) (Externe coach)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master