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Provide major contributions to photonic integration and the associated applications with a particular focus on indium phosphide technology.

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Harnessing the efficiency, precision and speed of light in a photonic chip

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Photonics is a rapidly growing field where the total market volume is comparable to the market of electronics, and growing even faster. Whereas integrated circuits are already dominant technologies in the field of electronics, photonic integration is still taking off. It is a critical enabler for the modern internet and is poised to enable new forms of sensing and imaging. The Photonics Integration (PhI) group performs leading edge research into indium phosphide semiconductor based technology for photonic integration and its applications. This develops along three research lines listed below ('read more') and involves a number of national and international research projects. Our group offers opportunities for Master and PhD students to do leading-edge research on advanced photonic ICs and technology, and to prepare for a job in a variety of high-tech companies that use photonics, semiconductor technologies, and/or photonic integrated circuits in their products. They might even think to start their own business. 

The Photonics Integration research develops along three research lines: 

  • Monolithic integration of indium phosphide photonic devices. We have pioneered the generic integration methodology for InP integrated photonics. This approach enables new building blocks to be continuously added to a highly advanced integration platform with seamless integration of lasers with amplifiers, filters, modulators, detectors and more. 

  • Heterogeneous and hybrid integration platforms combining indium phosphide circuits with silicon technology, high-speed electronics and low-loss dielectric waveguide technologies. These platforms enable research into new methods of scaling and assembly.

  • Nanophotonic integration using the indium phosphide membrane on a silicon platform. This enables the miniaturisation of photonic devices, and the seamless combination of high confinement photonics, sub-wavelength engineering, lasers and amplifiers.

The technology platforms developed by PhI researchers become available on an open access basis via JePPIX.eu

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Foto van Huub P.M.M. Ambrosius

Huub P.M.M. Ambrosius

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Pengli An

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Projecten 2014 2023

Zwaartekracht ECO Research Centre for Integrated Nanophotonics

Koonen, T., van Zantvoort, J., Kurtic - Brajic, M., Kurtic - Brajic, M., Smit, M., Croes, S., Cao, Z., Mohammed, M., Zhang, X., Trinidad, A., van der Heide, S., Mamun, M. & Shi, B.


Project: Onderzoek direct

AUTOALIGN: Electronically aligned optical-fiber-arrays

Eijkemans, C., Williams, K., Cardarelli, S., van Goor, A., van Goor, A., van Mil, J. & van Mil, J.


Project: Onderzoek direct

Onderzoeksoutput 1967 2019

1.3 Integration of photonics and electronics

Smit, M., Williams, K. & van der Tol, J., 6 mrt 2019, 2019 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, ISSCC 2019. Piscataway: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, blz. 29-34 6 blz. 8662321

Onderzoeksoutput: Hoofdstuk in Boek/Rapport/CongresprocedureConferentiebijdrageAcademicpeer review

Electronic equipment
Indium phosphide
Light amplifiers

112 Gb/s PAM-4 transmission over 1.5 km with an EAM in generic integration platform

Trajkovic, M., Benyahya, K., Simonneau, C., Blache, F., Debregeas, H., Provost, J. G., Williams, K. A. & Leijtens, X. J. M., 1 jul 2019, OECC/PSC 2019 - 24th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference/International Conference Photonics in Switching and Computing 2019. Piscataway: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 3 blz. 8817746

Onderzoeksoutput: Hoofdstuk in Boek/Rapport/CongresprocedureConferentiebijdrageAcademicpeer review

pulse amplitude modulation
Pulse amplitude modulation

36 Gb/s operation of a BiCMOS driver and InP EAM using foundry platforms

Trajkovic, M., Zhang, X., Blache, F., Mekhazni, K., Matters-Kammerer, M. K., Debregeas, H., Leijtens, X. & Williams, K., 26 sep 2019 3 blz.

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Open Access
direct current



Erwin Bente (Manager)

Photonic Integration

Uitrusting/faciliteit: Onderzoekslaboratorium


Best poster award

Alonso Millan Mejia (Ontvanger), 26 nov 2013

Prijs: AndersWerk, activiteit of publicatie gerelateerde prijzen (lifetime, best paper, poster etc.)Wetenschappelijk

Light up the brain: accelerating AI research with integrated photonics

Weiming Yao (Ontvanger), jul 2019

Prijs: NWOVeniWetenschappelijk

Artificial intelligence

Netelcom Award 2012

Katarzyna Lawniczuk (Ontvanger), 12 dec 2012

Prijs: AndersDiscipline gerelateerdProfessioneel

Activiteiten 2002 2018

Towards an integrated feedback-insensitive semiconductor laser

Daan Lenstra (Spreker)
6 dec 2018

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesGenodigd sprekerWetenschappelijk

Bistable Operation of a Monolithic Ring Laser due to Hole-Burning-Induced Inversion Grating

Daan Lenstra (Spreker), E.A.J.M. Bente (Deelnemer)
30 mei 20181 jun 2018

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesAangemelde presentatieWetenschappelijk

Feedback-insensitive Semiconductor Laser

Daan Lenstra (Spreker), T.T.M. van Schaijk (Deelnemer), E.A.J.M. Bente (Deelnemer), K.A. Williams (Deelnemer)
7 mrt 2018

Activiteit: Types gesprekken of presentatiesAangemelde presentatieWetenschappelijk



New Book Explores Fifteen Centuries of Writing in Wales

Kevin Williams


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Insights from European CEOs: EPIC interviews former CEO, VLC Photonics

Meint Smit


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New photonics ‘pilot line’ for SME

Victor Dolores Calzadilla


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Magnetic claddings for photonic integrated circuits

Auteur: van Hees, Y., 2018

Begeleider: Lavrijsen, R. (Afstudeerdocent 1) & van der Tol, J. (Afstudeerdocent 2)

Scriptie/masterproef: Master