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Deliver any broadband service to the end user/ device, wire-bound as well as wireless by means of converged network solutions.

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We investigate optical routing techniques for delivering capacity-on-demand, for optimizing user mobility and network performance, and for reducing energy consumption. We explore techniques for flexible fibre-to-the-home networks, as well as optical in-building network solutions to extend FttH’s huge capacity into the home. With radio-over-fibre techniques, we create radio pico-cells for flexible high-capacity wireless coverage, while avoiding radio interference and significantly lowering radio emission levels. Free-space dynamically steered optical beam communication is investigated to offer the ultimate ultra-high capacity wireless communication.

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Indium phosphide membrane nanophotonic integrated circuits on silicon

Jiao, Y., van der Tol, J., Pogoretskii, V., van Engelen, J., Kashi, A. A., Reniers, S., Wang, Y., Zhao, X., Yao, W., Liu, T., Pagliano, F., Fiore, A., Zhang, X., Cao, Z., Kumar, R. R., Tsang, H. K., van Veldhoven, R., de Vries, T., Geluk, E. J., Bolk, J. & 3 anderen, Ambrosius, H., Smit, M. & Williams, K., jan 2020, (Geaccepteerd/In druk) In : Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science. 1900606.

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Indium phosphide
indium phosphides

5G NR multi-beam steering employing a photonic TTD chip assisted by multi-core fiber

Morant, M., Trinidad, A., Tangdiongga, E., Koonen, T. & Llorente, R., 22 apr 2019, 2019 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, OFC 2019 - Proceedings. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 3 blz. 8696907

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beam steering
Optical resonators
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A multifunctional photonic integrated circuit for diverse microwave signal generation, transmission and processing

Zou, X., Zou, F., Cao, Z., Lu, B., Yan, X., Yu, G., Deng, X., Luo, B., Yan, L., Pan, W., Yao, J. & Koonen, A. M. J., jun 2019, In : Laser & Photonics reviews. 13, 6, 10 blz., 1800240.

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Wave transmission
integrated circuits
Integrated circuits