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MST is strongly involved in the TU/e Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS), which was launched in 2008. ICMS aims to become the leading institute for research and education in the area of the engineering of complex molecular systems. Mastering this molecular complexity requires an interdisciplinary approach in which the best scientists from modeling to (molecular) engineering come together. Therefore ICMS unites researchers from chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and engineering. ICMS is part of the  Research Center for Functional Molecular Systems (FMS) together with the Institute for Molecules and Materials (Nijmegen) and the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry (Groningen). MST will strongly benefit from the enforced collaborations within and without our university.

MST is partner of the Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories and strongly collaborating with the groups participating in EPL. MST members further participate in various research schools and research institutes, like DPI and NRSC-C. Many research projects are carried out within the framework of national and international networks, institutes, programs and projects.


Verdiep u in de onderzoeksgebieden waarop Molecular Science and Technology actief is. Deze onderwerplabels komen uit het werk van de leden van deze organisatie. Samen vormen ze een unieke vingerafdruk.


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