• Groene Loper, Gemini South 4.122 (Building 15)

    5612 AP Eindhoven


  • P.O. Box 513, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    5600 MB Eindhoven


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Introductie / missie

The research of our group focuses on experimental-numerical micro-mechanical and microscopic analysis of deformation and failure behavior of a broad class of (innovative) materials and material systems.

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Making materials durable by unraveling deformation and failure at the microscale

Over de organisatie

Our research group focuses on experimental-numerical micromechanics to unravel the micromechanical behavior of materials and material systems in order to achieve superieur mechanical performance and durability at the scale of application. This is done in two ways: 


  1. by integration of micro-mechanical testing with in-situ microscopic characterization to elucidate the underlying deformation and/or failure mechanisms at the level of the microstructure and
  2. by intricate coupling of numerical simulations to experimental procedures using advanced data correlation routines that are developed in house.


Topics of particular interest include:

  • ductile damage and fracture,
  • delamination and interface mechanics,
  • miniaturization and size effects,
  • thin film mechanics and MEMS,
  • flexible and stretchable electronics,
  • and hybrid and multi-phase materials.


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