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Fluids and Flows (F&F) group addresses fundamental questions in fluid dynamics in an integrated approach. 

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Our fascination for fluid dynamics is based on the beauty and complexity of flow phenomena and further fueled by its omnipresence in current-day technologies 

Over de organisatie

Our research group addresses fundamental questions in fluid dynamics through statistical fluid mechanics, large-scale computations and dedicated laboratory experiments with modern optical diagnostics for detailed flow measurements. Our motivation is the desire to unravel the fundamental properties of these phenomena and systems and use that knowledge to help solve challenges for industry and the environment.

Our tools effectively expose the intricate fundamentals of turbulence to our curiosity, allowing us to answer many intriguing questions. How do buoyancy and rotation affect the statistical properties of turbulence? What can – and should – we do to shape turbulence to our needs? These questions also extend to environmental applications. How is particulate matter such as sediment or droplets transported in turbulent flows? 

Within the exciting field of multiphase and complex fluids, we study the role of mesoscale physics on the macroscopic dynamics of such systems. For example: how drastically do fluid-fluid interfaces, bubbles, particles or polymers affect macroscopic properties? We also study the fluid physics at even smaller scales where capillary and even molecular-length scales are relevant, and where surface and interfacial effects dominate the behavior. Examples include Marangoni flows, interfacial instabilities and (de)wetting phenomena.

Our main research themes are turbulence, environmental fluid mechanics, multiphase and complex fluids, and nano- and microhydrodynamics.


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