• Groene Loper 19, Flux

    5612 AP Eindhoven


  • P.O. Box 513, Flux

    5600 MB Eindhoven


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Over de organisatie

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are transforming our lives by offering a next level of functionality, reliability, efficiency and performance through the tight integration of our physical and information worlds. The Cyber-Physical System Center Eindhoven (CPSe) focuses on the advancement of the engineering methods required to create the next generation of CPS, by fusing the engineering disciplines of the cyber and the physical worlds. The Center is organized as a lean support organization within the Department of Electrical Engineering. It leverages the expertise in control systems (CS), electronic systems (ES), electrical energy systems (EES), and electromechanical actuation and power electronics (EPE) with respect to research, funding and valorization in the strategic application domains High-Tech Systems, E-Grids, and E-Mobility.


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