Collaborative and Autonomous Robotics

  • Mirna van den Boomen (Administratieve ondersteuning)

Impact: Research Topic/Theme (at group level)

Beschrijving van impact

This theme is related to the development of learning, sensing, and control
strategies for robotic systems in application domains such as manufacturing, logistics, and construction.

Within this theme, the research of the Dynamics and Control section
is focused on the use of compliant robot manipulators and autonomous multi-robot systems
in partially known dynamic environments, allowing for the presence of human operators,
to perform dynamic manipulation and inspection/maintenance tasks.
Key research topics include modeling of articulated multibody robot systems
in the presence of physical contact and friction, sensor-based reactive whole-body robot control,
optimal and sampling-based motion planning, teleoperation, mobile sensor networks,
3D vision for collision avoidance in dynamic unstructured environments,
and vision-based object tracking for manipulation.
Categorie van impactResearch Topic/Theme (at group level)