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Cardiology deals with dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system. The heart is an extraordinary electromechanical pump, whose assessment requires investigating both electrical activation and mechanical performance. Depending on the diagnostic objectives, either long-term ambulatory monitoring or advanced imaging is necessary. Ambitious goals are therefore set, ranging from the realization of noise-robust non-obtrusive (low-power) sensing up to the implementation of accurate, ultrafast dynamic imaging. In combination with blood flow, blood oxygenation is also essential for our cellular metabolism and can be measured by photoplethysmography. Implanted devices to re-establish and maintain a regular cardiac function are also considered.

Previous projects have addressed functional analysis of the cardiac function. Here, quantitative parametric characterization of cardiac geometry (size/shape), motion (contraction/relaxation), activation timing, strain and deformation, perfusion, ischemic and infarction areas, and edema are obtained from standard and functional images. Image data is mainly acquired by CT, MRI, and Ultrasound scanners.
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