Forward osmosis

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    Forward osmosis (FO) is an osmotically driven membrane process where water diffuses through a semi-permeable membrane from a low osmotic (feed) solution to a high osmotic (draw) solution.


    The Convergence Inspector has been developed to evaluate the process and performance of FO membranes. The basis of the system is a dual circulation loop: a feed and draw solution. The water transport through the membrane measured by top scales, allows to calculate the concentration factor. The conductivity measurements in the feed and draw solution allow to calculate the osmotic pressure and possible salt back-diffusion.

    Pumps, flow sensors, temperature and pressure sensors register all relevant process parameters. The extra valves, allow recirculation or single passage experiment and allow to carry out automatic cleaning sequences.


    • Dilution (indirect water production)
    • Direct water production (clean water extraction
    followed by an complementary separation process) • Concentrating product streams by water extraction • Valorization of rest streams by water extraction
    • Membrane performance characterization


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