Biomaterials Design & Processing Lab

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    Curious about the secrets behind engineering living tissues?
    Then discover our pioneering work happening at the Biomaterials Design & Processing BDP Lab.

    At the Biomaterials Design & Processing Lab, our mission is to push the boundaries of biomaterials processing for the production of functional tissues. We are doing this by developing bottom up self-assembly of biomaterials and high-throughput additive manufacturing and biofabrication technologies. We focus on the development of cell-free biomaterials scaffolding structures that can be used as implantable devices to support and influence functional tissue regeneration in vivo under (patho)physiological conditions, and on cell-laden tissue models that can be used as in vitro functional models to study healthy and disease conditions.

    Materials Mastery in Tissue Engineering
    At the forefront of our research, we harness a diverse range of synthetic and natural materials to meet the intricate needs of in vitro tissue models and implants. From biomaterials synthesis to high throughput additive manufacturing, bioprinting, and bioevaluation, our interdisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of biomaterials, biomaterials cells/organoids for impactful tissue engineering solutions.

    Designing Tomorrow: Implant Innovations Unleashed
    Immerse yourself in the world of implant design using cutting-edge software! Our use of advanced implant design software allows us to craft intricate structures that redefine the boundaries of regenerative medicine. Explore the advantages of our novel designs, setting the stage for advancements in biomaterials synthesis and state-of-the-art technologies.

    Precision Beyond Measure: Unveiling Technological Arsenal
    Delve into our technological arsenal that empowers precision at every step. Following advantageous novel designs, we employ biomaterials synthesis, 3D printing techniques including stereolithography, fused filament fabrication, volumetric printing, electrospinning including melt-electrowriting, and extrusion (bio)printing technologies under one roof. Our comprehensive approach incorporates advanced measurement methods such as MicroCT, static and dynamic mechanical testing (Link to the Biolab website), advanced microscopies, Microtester, Bioaxial Tensile tester, and nanoindentation (Link to the Cell & Tissue Engineering website).

    Bridging Vision and Impact: Collaboration in Action
    Witness our commitment to translating research into real-world impact. Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and tangible applications. Our vision extends beyond the lab, aiming to create meaningful solutions that reshape healthcare and beyond. Explore an example of our impactful collaboration [here].


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