The impact of shape uncertainty on aortic-valve pressure-drop computations: supplementary data files



This data-set represents data that was used in: The impact of shape uncertainty on aortic-valve pressure-drop computations. M.J.M.M. Hoeijmakers, W. Huberts, M.C.M. Rutten, F.N. van de Vosse, 2021. Int. J. Numer. Method. Biomed. Eng. This data-set includes:- Resampled segmentations of 74 aortic valves with no, mild, moderate, or severe aortic stenosis - Corresponding extruded (10R) and un-extruded (0.1R) surface meshes in .vtk format.- *_R0.1.txt: centerline points and normals.- *_R10.txt: centerline points and normals that where used to post-process the computational fluid dynamics results. Computed pressures along the centerline on these planes are written to this file as well. Authors are free to use and explore this data-set for research purposes. For instance these surface meshes can be used to generate volumetric meshes (not included) of the enclosed domain for the purpose of computing the flow field(s).
Datum van beschikbaarheid11 aug. 2021
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