Reliability coefficients from the Inventory of Learning patterns of Students (ILS)

  • Anna Ciraso-Calí (Ontwerper)
  • J. Reinaldo Martínez-Fernández (Ontwerper)
  • Laura B. García-Ravidá (Ontwerper)
  • Antonio Vega-Martínez (Ontwerper)
  • Carla Quesada-Pallarès (Ontwerper)
  • Jan D. Vermunt (Ontwerper)
  • Anna Ciraso-Calí (Bijdrager)



Reliability coefficients of the Inventory of Learning patterns of Students (ILS; Vermunt, 1998), retrieved from articles and research reports of studies that met the eligibility criteria detailed in the prospective register: Anna Ciraso-Calí, J. Reinaldo Martínez-Fernández, Laura García Ravidà, Antonio Vega Martínez, Carla Quesada-Pallarès, Jan D. Vermunt. Reliability generalization of Vermunt’s Inventory of Learning Patterns: a meta-analysis of alpha coefficients. PROSPERO 2021 CRD42021239103 Available from: It contains variables that describe each study, and all the available alpha coefficients for each subscale (with the corresponding information about number of item for each subscale). It is intented to be useful for reliability generalization studies (meta-analysis of alpha coefficients).
Datum van beschikbaarheid2 mrt. 2023
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