Raw data and stimuli for assessing the perceived reverberation in different rooms for a set of musical instrument sounds

  • Alejandro Osses Vecchi (Research not related to TU/e workplace (outside TU/e employment) (Bijdrager)
  • Glen McLachlan (Bijdrager)



This set of data and sound stimuli was used in the study by Osses, McLachlan, and Kohlrausch (2020) to assess the perceived reverberation --including measurements and simulations-- for different instrument sounds in eight different rooms. The following are the directories that are provided: 00-Experiment-WAE_GM_201712: Web Audio Evaluation tool (WAE) used to run the listening experiment with 24 participants. Follow the instructions in README.txt to get the experiment running. 01-Stimuli: Sound stimuli as exactly used during the listening experiments. 02-Raw-data and 03-Results-summary: Outputs from WAE for each of the participants. The raw data contained in these XML files were extracted and stored in '03-Results-summary' 04-Stimuli-9s-for-simulations: Same sounds as in '01-Stimuli' but truncated to have a duration of 9 s. These sounds were used as input to an implementation (Osses et al. 2017, 2020) of the model by van Dorp et al. (2013). The paper figures can be reproduced in two MATLAB toolboxes: fastACI (script: publ_osses2020a_JASA_EL_figs.m) and AMT (script: exp_osses2020.m, availability as of 2023).
Datum van beschikbaarheid24 jul. 2020

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