MATLAB-scripts describing a nonlinear steady-state cornering model for an electric city bus



The MATLAB-files contained within this dataset describe a nonlinear
steady-state cornering model for a six-wheel city bus. Due to the employed
multi-body approach, the wheel-configuration of the model can be changed
easily. The wheel location and orientation is completely parameterized,
allowing for the analysis of different types of vehicles. Emphasis is placed
on the calculation of the cornering resistance power and power lost due to
scrub losses to research the effect of these tire-effect on the vehicle energy

The current model includes six wheels, where the two sets of double rear
wheels have individual rotational velocities. In the model derivation,
linearizations are avoided: large angles are allowed and the non-linear Magic
Formula is employed to calculate the tire forces. Additionally, lateral load
transfer effects, due to the elevated center of gravity (CoG), are included.
The developed non-linear model has four degrees of freedom. Steady-state
solutions of the model are determined iteratively using an adapted Newton
scheme. The model enables the calculation of all tire velocities and tire
forces for a given cornering situation characterized by the cornering radius
rho and the vehicle velocity v.
Datum van beschikbaarheid19 mrt 2020
Uitgever4TU.Centre for Research Data
Datum van data-aanmaak18 mrt 2020

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