Hysteresis is a dynamic nonlinearity commonly encountered in very diverse engineering and science disciplines, ranging from solid mechanics, electromagnetism and aerodynamics to biology, ecology and psychology. In particular, the Bouc-Wen model has been intensively exploited during the last decades to represent hysteretic effects in mechanical engineering, especially in the case of random vibrations. It is proposed as a benchmark problem to identify a Bouc-Wen system based on synthetic input-output data time-series. A detailed formulation of the identification problem can be downloaded here. All the provided files and information on the Bouc-Wen system are available for download. The zip-file contains a detailed system description with a signal generation guide and the test data sets. This benchmark requires MATLAB to run.
Datum van beschikbaarheid21 sep. 2020
Uitgever4TU.Centre for Research Data

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