Fluidized bed membrane reactor - vertical membranes configurations



The Two-Fluid Model was used to study hydrogen production in a fluidized bed membrane reactor using various configurations of vertically immersed membranes (fully selective extraction of hydrogen). The datasets contain the time-averaged properties for phase velocity (U.air, U.particles), hydrogen mole fraction (X.air) and particle phase fractions (alpha.particles).
The files can be visualized using Paraview (see www.paraview.org). A state file is supplied as well that allows easy visualization of the hydrogen molar fraction profiles.
Datum van beschikbaarheid7 apr 2019
UitgeverMendeley Data
Datum van data-aanmaak1 jun 2017 - 1 sep 2018

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Roghair, I. (Ontwerper), Voncken, R. J. W. (Ontwerper), van Sint Annaland, M. (Bijdrager) (7 apr 2019). Fluidized bed membrane reactor - vertical membranes configurations. Mendeley Data. 10.17632/nhyh3pb748.1