Digital-filter-aided crosstalk-mitigation for a high spatial resolution AWGR-based 2D IR beam-steered indoor optical wireless communication system

  • Liuyan Chen (Ontwerper)
  • C.W. (Joanne) Oh (Ontwerper)
  • Jeffrey Lee (Bijdrager)
  • Xuebing Zhang (EFFECT Photonics B.V.) (Ontwerper)
  • Zizheng Cao (Ontwerper)
  • A.M.J. (Ton) Koonen (Ontwerper)



The growing demand for wireless connectivity is attracting interest in optical wireless communication (OWC) technique. In this paper, a filter-aided crosstalk mitigation scheme, employing digital Nyquist filters, is proposed to eliminate the trade-off between the spatial resolution and the channel capacity for the AWGR-based 2D infrared beam-steering system. By shaping the transmitted signal for narrow spectral occupancy, the inter channel crosstalk resulting from the imperfect AWGR filtering can be avoided, which enables a denser AWGR grid. In addition, the spectral-efficient signal reduces the bandwidth requirement of the AWGR, which allows a low-complexity AWGR design. Thirdly, the proposed method is not sensitive to the wavelength misalignment between AWGRs and lasers, which relaxes the design of high wavelength stability lasers. Moreover, the proposed method is cost-efficient as we can reuse the mature DSP technique without adding extra components. The 20 Gbit/s data rate OWC capacity using PAM-4 format has been experimentally demonstrated over 1.1-m free-space link. The experimental results show the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method. By combining our proposed method with the polarization orthogonality technique, the spatial resolution can be further doubled with a low-complexity high-port-count AWGR, and a promising capacity per beam of 40 Gbit/s is potentially attainable.
Datum van beschikbaarheid9 mrt. 2023
UitgeverOptica Publishing Group

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