Crosstalk-Free Excitation Scheme for Quantitative OH Laser-Induced Fluorescence in Environments Containing Excited CO



Spectral overlap in the single-photon laser-induced fluorescence between the 3064 Å system of OH and the third positive system of CO is detected in a highly-excited environment, namely, a CO2-H2O plasma. The overlap is distorting excitation and fluorescence spectra as well as fluorescence time decays of commonly used excitation transitions of OH. As a consequence, systematic errors are introduced into the determination of temperatures, gas compositions, and absolute number densities. The P1(2) transition is proposed to circumvent the distortion while still allowing for quantitative measurements due to the availability of non-radiative rate coefficients.
Datum van beschikbaarheid26 apr. 2023
UitgeverSAGE Journals

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