Pulsed power technology



High-Voltage Pulsed Power Technology is a technology that is uniquely positioned to usher in a new era of sustainable environmental applications. By generating very short high-voltage pulses, we can produce chemically active electrical discharges (plasmas). These plasmas can then be employed for environmental applications, such as air or water purification or to “activate” water, which gives the water disinfecting and fertilizing properties. Other uses for plasma are medical (wound disinfection, wound healing acceleration) and surface treatment of materials (etching, deposition of layers, surface modification, etc.). Yet another application of high-voltage pulses is electric field treatment of biological cells for cell growth stimulation, cell permeabilization (opening the cell membrane, useful for e.g. pressing of grapes or sugar beets) or killing cells (useful for cancer treatment). Pulsed Power Technology is the topic that deals with the generation of the short high-voltage pulses that are required for all these applications and which is practiced at several world-recognized institutes around the world. One of these top institutes is Eindhoven University of Technology. Besides interactive lectures, you get to try your hand at building your own pulse source in the high-voltage laboratory of EES.
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