CBL-Project 1



Anyone can have a good idea. However, having good ideas structurally and transforming potentially interesting ones into ones that are viable and hold value is more difficult. This is a skill that can be trained however, and is the aim of Project 1. This first semester project is aimed at helping students open up to all the potential around us, seizing innovative ideas—so not settling for the obvious ones—and bringing them towards compelling designs. In Project 1 student groups start from an open design brief and work their way towards a final design proposal through structured and iterative exploration and validation, including through user involvement. The backbone of the course is formed by the Reflective Transformative Design Process which values both starting from your own worldview as well as those of others, as well as thinking with your head and thinking with your hands. Throughout Project 1 we offer various methods for framing the design space, for generating ideas, for selecting ideas, approaches for defining and refining concepts, as well as prototyping and presentation techniques.
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