World's first RB+ ion microscope image created at CQT

  • S.H.W. Wouters
  • G. ten Haaf

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Researchers from the CQT group (Applied Physics, Gijs ten Haaf and Steinar Wouters) have built the world’s first high-resolution ion microscope for rubidium ions (Rb+).



This research is supported by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW (part of NOW), FEI Company (now Thermo-Fisher Scientific), Pulsar Physics and Coherent Inc.

[1] Background information about laser-cooled ion sources can be read here:J. J. McClelland et al. in Applied Physical Reviews 3, 011302 (2016) (or at the arXiv)
[2] The latest article on the development of the ion source for the Rb+ microscope at CQT can be read here: G. ten Haaf et al. in Physical Review Applied 7, 054013 (2017) (or at the arXiv)

Periode22 jun 2017