PANINI Public Engagement Event

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Engagement with the public (older adults) during an event organized by the PANINI consortium, hosted by University of Birmingham (UK)

Periode29 jan 2017




  • TitelLengthening healthy life
    Mate van erkenningInternationaal
    Media naam/outletImpact publications
    Release datum29/01/17
    Beschrijving• Develop a greater understanding of the impact of lifestyle factors, specifically physical activity and
    nutrition, on health via interactions with genes, musculoskeletal function, physical ability, immunity,
    cognition, psychological wellbeing and social functioning
    • Delve deeper into the factors influencing health in older age and develop interventions and health
    policies to ensure a greater percentage of older adults achieve healthy and active ageing
    • Create a standardised toolkit of best practice measures of physical activity and nutritional status and
    key related variables, and encourage European communities to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to
    the challenge of ageing
    PersonenAndrea Cabbia, Natal A.W. van Riel