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TEKNOWLOGY is the Dutch festival where technology, science, innovation and valorisation meet. At TEKNOWLOGY visitors are shown the technical innovations of the future and how Dutch science is prepared for it.

Periode17 nov. 2020




  • Titeli-CAVE: Cooperative trajectory planning – looking into the future
    Release datum17/11/20
    BeschrijvingThe demo will involve the cooperative trajectory planning of two Renault Twizy vehicles. The host vehicle will communicate its intended behavior to the following and will subsequently act. Because of this future information, it can anticipate on the intent of the host vehicle. This makes it possible to safely drive at close intervehicle distances, in the example shown the vehicles drive approximately 5m apart at 30 km/h, which is three times closer than the government recommends as minimal safe distance.

    By using sensors (RADAR/camera) and communication, the following vehicle is aware of its surroundings. In addition, the planned intent of the host vehicle is communicated over a horizon of 5s, allowing the follower to effectively look into the future.

    The following vehicle will line up behind the lead vehicle and will start to close the gap to the host vehicle and drive away together. Several velocity changes will be shown, after which the vehicles will decelerate to a standstill.
    PersonenTom P.J. van der Sande