Workshop: Living Lab Business Model: Towards a Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem (Digital Living Lab Days at European Network of Living Labs)

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In this workshop we present a holistic and ecosystem-centric business model for sustainable living lab innovation ecosystems. The presentation follows by an interactive session with the participants to reflect on the model and capture their feedback from the perspective of the living labs they are involved in. The model is developed based on literature review and 26 semi-structured interviews in three public living labs in the Eindhoven region: Atlas Living Lab, Brainport Smart District and the iCity Living Lab on Strijp-S. The aim is to understand all business activities which are required to create and capture value with innovations in innovation ecosystems, the associated actors who perform each activity and the interrelations between them. We also introduce solid practices and mechanisms to effectively coordinate the efforts of involved actors in the process of value cocreation. From these we introduce the holistic and ecosystem-centric business model for the living lab and its ecosystem.
Periode2 sep. 2020
LocatieBelgiëToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternationaal