The lighting environment, its metrology, and recommendations for healthful non-visual responses and integrative Lighting

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This webinar was organized by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES, China NC of the CIE), and co-organized by the China Illuminating Engineering Journal (CIEJ), Tongji University and Soochow University. More than 320 scholars, graduate students, R&D personnel and entrepreneurial representatives participated the webinar.

The webinar was hosted by Professor Luoxi Hao from Tongji University (VP Education of CIE, VP of CIES, Director of Foreign Affairs Committee of CIES), and Associate Professor Junli Xu from Soochow University, and Dr. Yujie Wu (Assistant Prof.) from Tongji University worked on the Chinese-English translation

Periode18 jan. 2024
Gehouden op China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES, China NC of CIE), China
Mate van erkenningInternationaal