Public debate on Cross-thinking on sustainability: Rethinking the global meat industry

Wieczorek, A. J. (Organisator), John Grin (Organisator)

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    Cross-thinking about Sustainabilitya series of debates of debates organised by IHDP-IT together with KSI, Felix Meritis and Trouw. This debate on the sustainability of food production and alternative pathways was introduced by the lecture of Danielle Nierenberg, WWI, USA.

    Since the avian flu outbreak began in Southeast Asia in late 2003, public health officials,farmers, veterinarians, government officials, and the media have referred to the disease as a natural disaster, implying it was impossible to prevent. But this highly virulent form of avian flu did not just "happen." Avian flu, mad cow disease, and other recent diseases that can spread from animals to humans are symptoms of a larger change-taking place in agriculture. Industrial animal production, or factory farming, is spreading around the world, swallowing up small farms and indigenous animal breeds and concentrating meat production in the hands of a few large companies. It is essential to identify how precisely ecological and health problems are related to the current system of transnational production through factory farms. This understanding of the way in which current system produces these side effects can help transform meat production around the globe without jeopardizing its human benefits.
    Periode5 okt 2006
    LocatieAmsterdam, Nederland
    Mate van erkenningNationaal