Multi-server queues with skill based service under FCFS-ALIS

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We study a queue of multi-skilled servers, serving multi-type
customers. A bipartite graph describes which pairs of server-customer
types are compatible. Servers and customers are matched according to the
service policy FCFS-ALIS. For exponential services and Poisson
arrivals, we show that the stationary queue length distribution has
a product-form solution. Based on Little's distributional law, this
product-form yields an exact expression for the Laplace transform
of the waiting time for each customer type. This expression has an
interesting probabilistic interpretation. For non-exponential
services, we propose approximations for the mean waiting time by
exploiting this interpretation.
Periode4 dec. 2019
EvenementstitelWorkshop de lancement du PRC ANR MATCHES
LocatieNancy, Frankrijk