International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Tijdschrift)

Weijs - Perrée, M. (Gastredacteur), van den Berg, P. E. W. (Lid redactieraad), Dane, G. Z. (Gastredacteur)

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Special Issue "Experiencing the City: The Relation between Urban Design and People’s Wellbeing"

Urbanization brings major challenges with regard to livability and the health and quality of life of citizens. It is important that the urban environment meets the current needs of society, so that people have positive experiences, feel safe, comfortable, and are satisfied with their surroundings. How the city is experienced (e.g. by seeing, hearing, or feeling) could shape people’s urban life. Because it is recognized that people are the most important actors in urban planning processes, there is a growing interest in the relationship between public space and the perception of it by citizens, both in (scientific) research and among policymakers. However, there is still little empirical research on the momentary perception, experience, and feelings of people in relation to the urban design of cities. Research using novel approaches (e.g., virtual reality (VR), real-time surveys, and geotagging) is necessary to extract more data about the urban environment and about people’s momentary experiences or feelings that eventually can help to develop policy on health and wellbeing in urban areas. Results could also be interesting for urban planners when designing an attractive, livable, and safe living environment for citizens.

Therefore, this Special Issue seeks papers with new empirical findings on experiencing the urban environment and how this is related to people’s wellbeing, as well as papers highlighting novel methods to measure and analyze momentary experiences in the city. We also welcome papers on urban interventions to increase citizens’ wellbeing and high-quality systematic reviews related to experiencing the urban environment.
Periode30 okt 2020
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