Heat and mass flow at molecular scales

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Microfluidic systems become more and more important in engineering, since their low costs, low weights, high efficiency and flexibility enable to realize applications such as lab-on-chip, micro-cooling, environmental sensors, e.g. realized in systems-in-foil. For designing such microfluidic systems, a good physical understanding of the phenomena is needed and proper (numerical) models are required. In micro- and nanofluidic devices, length scales can be reached where a continuum approach starts to fail (e.g. due to rarefaction effects): the local properties cannot be averaged out anymore and individual particle properties have to be taken into account, boundary effects and surface and interface forces become dominant. Molecular dynamics simulations become then very useful tools helping to understand these effects and offering insight on the molecular properties of the micro/nano-fluidic systems.

In this lecture we will start at the basis: the interactions that take place at a molecular level. We start with mono-atomic gases and show how to extend the models for more complex molecules and molecular structures. We will show that these small interactions sometimes can have major influences on macroscopic level, e.g. slip velocities, temperature jumps in the interfaces and heat fluxes.
Periode24 jun 2018
Evenementstitel3rd MIGRATE Summer School: null
LocatieBastia, Frankrijk
Mate van erkenningInternationaal