Flying Capacitor Resonant Pole Inverter Applying Five Voltage Levels

  • Sjef Settels (Spreker)

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Industrial applications, e.g. semiconductor manufacturing equipment, require power amplifiers providing high power with high precision and bandwidth. Due to limitations in system infrastructure, increasing voltage is favorable to increasing current to generate more output power. This research presents a 5-level Flying Capacitor Resonant Pole Inverter (FC RPI) configuration that delivers high output voltage and high switching frequency with reduced switch voltage stress. A multilevel modulation scheme is applied to minimize conduction losses, which, in addition, guarantees Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) for the entire operating range to minimize switching losses. Both the flying capacitor voltages and the output current are controlled actively closed-loop, resulting in a high accuracy output signal. The concept is validated by simulation, paving the way for future firmware and hardware implementation.
Periode10 okt. 2017
EvenementstitelEE Poster Contest, IEEE SB Eindhoven, October 2017
LocatieEindhoven, NederlandToon op kaart
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