Education for Sustainable Development through Socioscientific Issues: Pre-service Teachers’ Pedagogical Design Capacity

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The overall aim of this study was to capture pre-service STEM teachers’ pedagogical
design capacity for incorporating SSI in their lessons to teach about the SDGs. Therefore, we
focused on capturing pre-service teachers (PSTs)’ pedagogical design capacity to teach about the
SDGs through SSI, with the following research questions:
1. How can STEM pre-service teachers’ pedagogical design capacity for designing SSIbased
lessons to teach about the sustainable development goals be characterized?
2. How does the use of the different types of resources impact PSTs’ lesson design for
teaching about the SDGs through SSI in Dutch secondary education?
The shortage of studies that focus on understanding STEM teachers’ use of SSI to teach
about the SDGs shows the significant contribution of this study for ESD. This study shows what
kinds of resources teachers use when they are asked to design SSI lessons to teach about the SDGs,
and how they interact with these resources in collaboration with other STEM teachers. Therefore,
this study has the potential to empower teacher educators, professional development designers and
curriculum designers to embrace practices that will effectively promote PSTs’ facilitation of ESD.
Periode18 mrt. 2024
Evenementstitel97th NARST International Conference
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