Dutch Sustainability History in Global Perspactive: entangled economic, social and environmental development

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The sustainability history of the Netherlands should not be written in isolation. Through transcontinental supply chains that fueled the Dutch economy, Dutch developments affected economic, social and ecological sustainability around the world. The current research focuses on relations between the Netherlands and countries in the Global South. Today, Dutch per capita imports of raw materials from LDCs remain among the EU’s largest. How did these relationships develop?

In my research I want to investigate how developments in wellbeing and sustainability in the Netherlands and foreign countries became historically entangled through transcontinental supply chains. How—and by whom— became sustainability benefits and costs distributed amongst places and amongst actors. Who gained which benefits, who bore, where, what burdens?
Periode26 mei 2018
EvenementstitelAnnual NW Posthumus Conference: Interuniversity research school for social and economic history: Global Inequality Trends adn Theories
LocatieUtreccht, Nederland
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