Designing Outcome Thinking into Your Business

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Global competition forces your company to pay focal attention to explicit value creation for your customers. Outcome thinking stresses that the actual value is not in the products or services that you deliver, but in the economic effects that their use generates in your customers’ markets. This leads to new business models, like pay-per-effect or pay-per-outcome models. To enable outcome-based business models, information technology is needed to manage, measure and account for the business activities realizing the models. The technology and business development perspectives are, however, hardly connected in business practice. In this keynote, the gap is bridged by a simple yet powerful, structured feedback model that supports the clear definition of outcome management and the positioning of information technologies to enable this management.
Periode18 mei 2021
EvenementstitelIRM UK Business Change & Transformation Conference: null
LocatieLondon, Verenigd Koninkrijk
Mate van erkenningInternationaal