Degradation and Diagnostics in the Dutch Low Voltage Distribution Network

van Deursen, A. (Spreker)

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Dutch distribution system operators realize that the low voltage grid is becoming increasingly relevant due to modern developments such as charging of electric cars and photo-voltaic cells on domestic rooftops. It is expected that these developments cause additional stress on the grid and that an outage of the consumer connection will now have a larger impact than in the past.
To get a better grip on the quality of the low voltage grid, the DSO’s try to get a better understanding of the grid’s degradation mechanisms and search for tools to detect these mechanisms as well as other ways to determine the current state of the grid.
This presentation will discuss the current state of the research on: AC induced corrosion of aluminum conductors, dry band arcing, detection of intermittent faults and observability of small discharges.
Periode5 dec 2017
LocatieNew York, Verenigde Staten van Amerika, New York
Mate van erkenningInternationaal