Contested Trust in Technologies, Engineers, Knowledges—and Historians

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This keynote takes the Conference questions on ‘contested trust’ as an opportunity to revisit the history of technology and engineering in the past two centuries. It offers some musings on such diverse issues as (1) how historical proponents time and again trusted technologies (and notably technologies of connection) to forge more affluent, peaceful, and free societies—and while doing so became complicit in building an impressive record of contradictory evidence; (2) how the engineering profession itself sought, gained, lost, and tried to rebuild societal and political trust by engaging with societal and ‘sustainability’ challenges; (3) how the production of scientific knowledges, notably those addressing ‘societal challenges’ and ‘sustainability challenges’, faced some disconcerting trust issues of its own; and (4) how historiographical work is not at all exempt from such trust issues.
Evenementstitel9th Gewina Meeting of Historians of Science in the Low Countries
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