Choosing Shapes and Sizes of LEGO Bricks with Penetrating PEC Structures

Bojanic, R. (Spreker)

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We perform an optimization of the shape and the size of domains within the framework of linear embedding via Green’s operators (LEGO) for various perfect electric conductor (PEC) objects analysed using this approach. These domains are also known as “bricks” because of their most common cuboidal shape. The objects are enclosed within multiple LEGO bricks by applying a domain decomposition method and to ensure interaction between inside and outside of the bricks we have used equivalence principles. To enhance this approach, we allow the PEC objects to penetrate the brick boundaries. We adjust the shape and the size of the bricks to increase computational efficiency, compress the system, and make recalculations of the problem convenient for modest changes of the PEC object.
Periode23 nov 2018
Evenementstitel2018 International Workshop on Computing, Electromagnetics, and Machine Intelligence: null
LocatieStellenbosch, Zuid-Afrika
Mate van erkenningInternationaal