Capturing the Nature of SSI Teaching by using the Five-Dimensions Model of Practice

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advances in how teachers incorporate SSI (Sadler et al., 2017).
The goals of this study are to capture the nature of SSI teaching and to explore how teachers’ knowledge about SSI is manifested in their teaching. This is done using a multiple case-study methodology (Yin, 2003), following 22 teachers from 10 European countries. The context of the study was the ENGAGE EU-funded project, which provided SSI-teaching materials for teachers as well as workshops and online courses (Authors 2016). In this study, the teachers could choose any SSI module from the ENGAGE website. Examples of topics teachers chose are: Zika and exterminating mosquitos, Banning soft drinks in schools, Vaccines and Climate change.
Periode19 mrt. 2024
Evenementstitel97th NARST International Conference
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