7th Commercial Vehicle Workshop Graz

Jan Loof (Deelnemer)

Activiteit: Types deelname aan of organisatie van een evenementWorkshop, seminar, cursus of expositieWetenschappelijk


The Institute of Automotive Engineering (FTG) of Graz University of Technology arranges for the seventh time the Commercial Vehicle Workshop Graz which has shown constant growth in number of participants. On behalf of FTG it is a great pleasure for us to introduce the workshop programme 2016 and we herewith would like to invite you to Graz. From the submitted contributions the programme committee could compile an interesting and diversified programme of the day. It is focussing on the topics innovative commercial vehicles and light weight design, effi ciency and thermal management, driver assistance and CAE-methods, all having high actuality. We suppose that the programme 2014 will fi nd your interest. In particular, we are looking forward to an informative exchange of experience with and between the commercial vehicle experts. This will take place in the well known familiar environment of the workshop. As an innovation we additionally offer this year the basic seminar ″Focus Automotive Engineering Graz“. This seminar will initiate the Commercial Vehicle Workshop Graz and addresses basics of Automotive Engineering this time particularly dealing with truck tyres.
Periode12 mei 201613 mei 2016
LocatieGraz, Oostenrijk


  • Innovative vehicles and light weight design
  • effi ciency and thermal management
  • driver assistance systems and autonomous driving
  • CAE-methods in commercial vehicle development
  • special purpose vehicles