Working towards a new organizational structure
: supporting housing corporation Mitros in their search to new collaborative approaches

  • M. Akoudad

Student thesis: Master


As well as other housing corporations, Mitros deals with the economical crisis by seeking new collaborative approaches. This thesis will contribute to this effort and therefore aims to develop a decision support tool, which could support Mitros in their decisions towards a new organizational model. The Analytic Hierarch Process method is used to evaluate 9 criteria and 5 alternatives, identified by the literature, to be useful in the decision making process. Although different studies prioritize criteria and alternatives by means of experts, this thesis distinguishes itself by using experts to prioritize criteria and literature to prioritize alternatives. Since prioritizing alternatives by means of experts is known to be of subjective nature. Drawing conclusions regarding this topic is not easy, since this issue could not be answered with right or wrong. Although different possibilities could be applied for the ACA case, only one could be the best fit. However, since the choice of a organizational structure depends on many factors, some included in this research and some not. There are also as a corollary many uncertainties involved. This study therefore shows in an objective manner, based on experts and literature, which organizational structure Mitros should apply for the ACA case.
Date of Award30 Apr 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorW.F. Schaefer (Supervisor 1), B. Glumac (Supervisor 2), B. van Weenen (Supervisor 2) & B. van Ree (External coach)

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