Wireless connectors at 60 GHz

  • S.J. Geluk

Student thesis: Master


The aim of the project is to develop a wireless connector operating at 60 GHz. Architectures using antennas in the near-field and waveguide structures have been researched. The dielectric waveguide has been chosen as the optimal technology to realize a wireless connector. To reduce the coupling of an interferer in the far-field and reduce the effect of a hand touching the waveguide, a cladding is introduced. Simulations show that the waveguide the fields are well confined in the waveguide if the cladding is at least 2mm thick. The waveguide has been manufactured. The measured losses are 3 dB/cm, which is higher than expected. Further simulations show that the tan of the core is a possible explanation for the high losses. The field confinement has improved over single-material dielectric waveguides. For future use, the losses need to be reduced and the concept needs to be expanded to full-duplex use.
Date of Award28 Feb 2015
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorA.B. (Bart) Smolders (Supervisor 1) & M. Spella (External coach)

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