The use of waste as fill material in the land reclamation projects of Jakarta
: evaluating the possibilities of using waste as an interesting substitute of sand within the land reclamation projects of Jakarta

  • N.F. Barry

Student thesis: Master


To coop with urbanization issues and the economic need for expansion, the city of Jakarta is planning to reclaim more land in the Jakarta Bay. More land could discharge the inner city's over-population, enhance its economic growth and solve a lot of environmental and health problems the city is facing. However, the reclamation activities of some islands have barely started and already the developers are facing difficulties in finding sufficient quantities of sand fill material. When addressing the problem of sand scarcity in the case of Jakarta where, an excess of waste production, an inadequate solid waste management system and a lack of dumping ground pose a major problem, it is hard not to think of the use of waste as alternative fill material; the concept of "work with work". This paper evaluates the possibilities of how waste could replace or complement sand within the land reclamation projects of Jakarta considering the governmental, social, environmental and economic context of the city. The research results identify types of waste that could be used, ways or methods of using those types of waste and implementation conditions for the city of Jakarta.
Date of Award31 Mar 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorW.F. Schaefer (Supervisor 1), Qi Han (Supervisor 2), B. van Weenen (Supervisor 2) & A. Kops (External coach)

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