The benefits of district heating in the Netherlands
: a research study on main aspects of DH and RE in the Netherlands, based on experiences in Denmark

  • J.T. Glas

Student thesis: Master


The energy sector will change radically in the next years. The implementation of renewable energy sourees will be fundamentaL The implementation will ask for changes in politica!, organizational and in financial ways. The oil/gas based energy supply will change to a renewable one. What are the ma in characteristics of the Netherlands? How are other countries doing? Most of our daily energy use is ending in heat, how are we dealing with heat and what are the prospective for the Netherlands?
Date of Award31 Aug 2011
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorW.F. Schaefer (Supervisor 1), E.G.J. Blokhuis (Supervisor 2), S. Svendsen (External coach) & Hongwei Li (External coach)

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