Renovate or new estate?
: the challenge towards a sustainable future

  • D. van der Weerdt

Student thesis: Master


Housing corporations are facing a major challenge, the early post-war neighbourhoods. They are over 60 years old and are characterized by poor technical quality and a lot of sociol problems. In order to solve those problems and realizing a more sustainable future two possibilities are possible, renovate or new estate. Mainly the feasibility study is the decisive factor or decision support model which the housing corporations base their decision on. However this research has developed a decision support model which took those aspects into account which are of much greater importance. Renovation is in most of the cases preferred over new estate because it is cheaper and it should better for the environment. It would more contribute towards a sustainable future in comparison to new estate. This research concluded that new estate has to be preferred over renovation in order create a real sustainable future.
Date of Award30 Apr 2011
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorW.F. Schaefer (Supervisor 1) & E.G.J. Blokhuis (Supervisor 2)

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